BMW 3 of the E46 series

since 1998 release

Repair and operation of the car

BMW 3 of the E46 series
+ BMW 3 Cars (E46)
+ Current leaving and service
+ Engine
+ Cooling systems, heating
+ Power supply systems, injection and release
+ Electric equipment of the engine
+ RKPP and transmission line
+ Automatic transmission
+ Coupling and power shafts
+ Brake system
- Suspension bracket and steering
   - Forward suspension bracket
      Removal and installation of a depreciation rack
      Dismantling of a depreciation rack / removal and installation of a shock-absorber/spring
      Check of the shock-absorber
      Utilization of the shock-absorber
      Removal and installation of the bearing of a wheel
      Removal and installation of a beam of a forward suspension bracket
   + Back suspension bracket
   + the Steering with the hydraulic booster (servoupravleniye)
+ Body
+ Onboard electric equipment
+ Schemes of electric equipment

Utilization of the shock-absorber

Places of drilling of openings in the shock-absorber case

And — an opening with a diameter of 3 mm
In — an opening with a diameter of 6 mm

Fastening of the shock-absorber in a vice when cutting the case of the shock-absorber


That the shock-absorber could be used again, it is necessary to merge from it oil.

It is not necessary to pour out oil of the shock-absorber at all together with household waste since it can do harm to environment. Local authorities have to inform on places of reception of the fulfilled oil.

Gas pressure in the shock-absorber makes to 25 bars. Therefore when opening the shock-absorber fence off a workplace and surely put on goggles.

The shock-absorber can be opened in two ways: by its zasverlivaniye and sawing.

Drilling of the shock-absorber

1 Clamp the shock-absorber removed from the car vertically in a vice a rod down.
2 Drill a mm Ø3 opening in a point And an external cover of the shock-absorber.

At gas-filled shock-absorbers gas leaves after the first wall of a pipe is drilled. Observe safety distance. Continue to drill further to an internal pipe (about 25 mm).

3 Drill other opening of Ø6 of mm in a point In so that to receive an opening in an internal pipe.
4 Hold the shock-absorber over capacity and squeeze out oil movement of a rod in different directions at a full size of the course.
5 Let's oil flow out completely.
6 Utilize the shock-absorber as usual metal.

Sawing of the shock-absorber

1 Clamp a depreciation rack in a vice.
2 Establish truborez, for example Stahwille Express 150/3, and cut an external pipe.

At the gas-filled shock-absorber there is a gas.

3 Lift a rod. Thus hold an internal pipe an alligator wrench and press down so that it at slow promotion of a rod remained in an external pipe.
4 Remove a rod from an internal pipe.
5 Put the shock-absorber over capacity and merge completely oil.
6 Utilize the fulfilled oil according to the established rules.